Pastry Box

Pastry Box

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These boxes will be a mix of Chef Marius Pop's favorite items including croissants, cookie, scones or brioche. 

Option A: 6 pastries

Option B: 12 pastries  

Option C: 6 pastries + 1 Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookie Mix 

Option D: 6 pastries + Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookie Mix + Blueberry Pepita Granola 

Option F: 1 Gluten-Free Chocolate Cookie Mix 

*These will be pick up only at Tea Bar Pearl on Saturday, May 16th from 11 am  to 7 pm* 

Important Notes:

Nuvrei's gluten-free granola is made from oats, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, wild blueberries, pepitas with warm vanilla & honey.

Nuvrei's pastries are not vegan and contain nuts and dairy. They are not allergen-free. We cannot make substitutions.  

Bake at home mixes for Nuvrei's popular flourless chocolate cookies. Just add egg whites.